2019 Cover Models

Eric Jacob

Eric Jacob is from Kansas and is an avid student athlete. When he’s not in the classroom you can find him at the gym or on the basketball court. He loves to encourage others through motivational speaking, as well as, modeling, photography, and music. He appears on the cover of numerous romance novels and has also starred in several short-films and commercials. He is spontaneous, outgoing, humorous, and most refer to him as a big teddy bear. As the big people-person he is, Eric enjoys long conversations with readers, authors, bloggers, and fans. So, don’t be shy, stop by and say “Hi” to Eric Jacob.

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Scott Nova

Scott was introduced to the industry of cover modeling by Cindy Walker at the 2011 RT-LA, where he competed in the last-ever Mr. Romance competition. Since April of 2011, he’s attended 7 RT’s and countless other small to medium signings and weekend long events within the romance industry.

He’s appeared on over 265 covers and has recently re-branded himself. Keep an eye out for more!  Recently, Scott was in Kentucky shooting a TV pilot where he played a warrior set in a mystical and magical place. In 2016, he appeared on an episode of ABC’s Nightline, when they did a segment from the RT-Vegas event.

Retired from professional bodybuilding in 2016, he’s now moved his focus to power lifting and something very special to his roots—Scottish Highland Heavy Games. Yep, that’s right, where guys in kilts throw really tall poles and other various heavy objects around.

Scott doesn’t attend a lot of events anymore, seeing as how he’s a proud father of an 8 year old boy and very much in love with his gorgeous wife, Lesley. But he will be attending Wild Wicked Weekend in 2019!!!

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Michael Foster

Michael Wayne Foster is an American film and television actor, producer and international cover model.

He has a B.A. in English and M.A. in education and was a tenth grade English teacher in Michigan before moving to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career.

He first appeared in GI JOE: The Rise of Cobra as a COBRA NEO-VIPER, followed by Miracle at Gate 213 where he played opposite of Academy Award winners Louis Gossett Jr. and Shirley Jones. “Having the opportunity to play my favorite childhood characters was such an incredible feeling,” he stated. Michael also guest-starred in 90210, Disney’s Kickin’ It and Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything, MTV’s Awkward, Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans and Henry Danger, ABC’s The Middle and Black-ish. He appeared multiple times on SYFY’s Face-Off and was featured on ABC Family, STYLE, BRAVO, NATGEO and A&E, including national commercials for AT&T and Coca-Cola.  After securing the starring role in David V Goliath, IMDB named him #32 on their list of Hollywood’s most physically imposing actors. His most recent role was AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD: RED MACHETE as Derek.

Apart from acting, Michael is also on the cover of numerous books, and is currently the host of the internet show, Reaction2Romance. He endorses brands such as ICONMUSCLE, Pro Fight Nutrition and the clothing company, APOKALYPTIX.  Michael resides in Los Angeles, CA. with his wife, Karina and dog Gertrude.

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