Donations and Swag and Volunteers Needed

Participant Gift Bags

We welcome author donations to the participant gift bags, and we ask that any swag be a useful item. Items that are for promotion only such as pamphlets, postcards, business cards, flyers, etc. will not be accepted or included. You are, of course, welcome to distribute your marketing materials to attendees and have them at your signing tables.

Bookmarks may be included, but only on an approval basis.

Any items to be included in the participant gift bags will need to be shipped to swag coordinator.  This will be done in advance of the event and shipped ready to distribute to attendees.  Swag coordinator and details on quantity and shipping information are forthcoming.

Basket donation! Basket donations are for giveaway at the event. Drawings or game winners, etc. Use your imagination on a theme for your basket. Books, Swag, trinket items, wine glasses, blindfolds, and thing your mind can conjure. (That’s legal LOL)
We want everyone to have time to plan their basket.
We are going to need volunteers at the event. If you are planning to attend either as an author or a reader and would like to volunteer please sign up and we will contact you on what volunteer opportunities we will have available.